DC Services refurbish and upgrade all types of machines. The refurbishment can encompass both mechanical and electronic components. Here are a few of our refurbishment projects...


FolderFolding Machine

The system is based on a high performance Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a menu driven user interface and can control a folding machine of upto three axis. The backgauge is controlled by a vector inverter powering a three phase motor using a rotary encoder for positional feedback providing a resolution of 0.1mm. In order to optimise performance three positional speeds are utilised.

The fold beam and clamp are both hydraulically controlled with the fold beam position measured by a rotary incremental encoder. Clamp height is controlled by a function of time only.

A Safe Point feature is implemented within the clamp movement such that should the height be in excess of 30mm pressing the Clamp Down foot pedal will bring the clamp to the safe point then stop. A second press is required to bring the clamp down to closed position.

The system contains 200 memory locations which can be configured to give a quantity of programs depending on the number of steps per program.

Backgauge, fold angle, clamp height and pressure settings can be set on each program step. The backgauge can also be moved incrementally to assist programming of complex bending sequences.

Jog facilities are available from the menu.

Press Menu ControlPress Brake Controller

Here the DC Services pressbrake controller was installed onto an existing machine with no controller just a digital readout.

Interfacing directly to the existing AC motors, installation was straight forward and converted the machine into a easy to use CNC.




K$ fitted to Kingsland Kvara 4 fitted to Kingsland Press








Finger ProbeFinger Probe

Mechanical Finger Probes are used to replace old style fingers allowing them to come closer to the fold point. This improves the ability to work with smaller width sheets.






All machines and controls are provided with full waranties and guarantees.