TrevorTrevor Bonfield founder of DC Services

D.C.Services was established in 1982 by the owner Trevor Bonfield initially to provide a flexible multi-skilled service to heavy industry. The services offered at that time ranged between repair through to basic systems and controls. All aspects of service were available i.e. mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

The business steadily progressed with the addition of highly skilled engineers. We became involved with upgrading machines and taking on service and installation of new machines, and also systems provided by our European trading partners. 1998 saw the arrival of a senior engineer who has enabled further technical developments. This also enabled us to push the boundaries of these control applications to industrial machines with in-depth technical support.

We continue to be proud to offer

These offer us high tech solutions with full product support. We have been involved with these companies for many years.

Repairs and Maintenance Services.

From the beginning D.C.Services core business has been a range of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repairs, replacement and maintenance services to its customers. It remains the case todaY, that these services are still the most important part of out business.

A key aspect of our businss is the pride we have in in offering 'value for money' and believe our competitive charges mean that the customer will benefit from the lowest cost in getting their machinery back to full working order within the shortest timescale.

The ability to react to our customers needs during breakdowns and trying where possible to get the machines running on the same day as the visit, is vital to cost effectiveness of business today.

We are pleased to be able to include electronic service and repairs to our broad range of services with the addition of a dedicated electronic engineer who can go down to 'component level' detection. It is of particular importance to customers with CNC press brakes, shears or other computer controlled machinery.

As service agents for both ESA.GV, who offer CNC controls for press brakes and shears, and OEMB TENSOL offering power folding machines who provide probably the best equipment of this type, we must also offer the best provision and support service to our customers.

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Our Mission Statement

It is our stated aim to push forward whilst remaining true to our established values of customer care and quality. We are totally committed to engineering excellence through the application of useable technology and skill with personal development and training. We continue to offer and concentrate on our core business of service and repair; we look forward to new challenges.