Trevor Bonfield
founder of DC Services

We are pleased to be service agents for both ESA.GV, who offer CNC controls for press brakes and shears, and OEMB TENSOL offering power folding machines. More information is available on this site.






Press brake controllers & Backgauges

We sell, repair and maintain a broad variety of Machining Hardware and Controllers throughout the UK.

ECA S540 Controller

Established in 1982, DC Services Have over 30 years experience with all types of Hydraulic Press Brakes.

Any type of Press brake serviced and repaired.

On site training provided, covering machine and control.

Free telephone support for all customers.

Other machines repaired on request.



UK suppliers of

Click HERE to review our range of advanced Hydraulic Press Brake Controllers.The all new ESA range are modern Advanced, Powerful and Versatile Hydraulic Press Brake Controllers and are available now.

Folder ESA S540 with Keyboard K4 fitted to Kingsland
Folders ESA S540 with keyboard K4 fitted to Kingsland

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